Photography is a real part of Armando Fortunato’s DNA. Since he was young he has been captured by this kind of magic, which is able to catch a specific moment of life and make it timeless. During the years, his interest for taking pictures has grown up and it has been improved. Indeed, he has been always studying the best ways to put in his creations both traditional elements and cultural innovations. In every picture there is a meticulous attention on how to create an image as simple as possible, representing real life scenes without distorting them. Other important characteristics and qualities of his works are spontaneity, the breathtaking sceneries in which he put the subjects of his pictures and the cure for the details.

Moreover, thanks to digital technologyArmando has been able to amplify and give new life to his art and his creativity.
Above all, his main goal is to reach a good harmony in every image, in which different expressions and different details can fit together.
Armando’s pictures describe moments of pure joy of the wedding, where both the married couple and the guests can get involved.